2020 First Responders


From the bottom of my heart I say thank you!

As I see the world as it is today and what everyone is doing to try and protect everyone in my county and the state of Washington, the U.S.A. and all foreign countries, I say thank you.

This is what I see on the internet, world news, and local television stations. As the news reported as I had predicted to myself that we all needed to stay inside our homes for the best protection, I am doing self isolation best I can.

I also go outside for walks alone, so I know where I will be the safest from others. I do not go on the trails or parks, especially in Bellingham Washington. I am walking within walking distance where few know about. However I also I enjoy the trees and ocean waves right out my front door almost.

It is impossible to list all first responders, doctors that see us at ER or our family doctor, nurses, nurses assistant all staff from the receptionist to billing, I thank you.

A first responder is a person with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorism. First responders typically include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, military personnel, public works, and other trained members of organizations connected with this type of work. In some areas, emergency department personnel are also required to respond to disasters and critical situations making them first responders. I thank you all~

To all that fall out of this category and protects me and I know a lot, so do you, Nurses, nurses assistant, drivers, drug stores, grocery stores, service stations, mail carriers, down to the janitor that sterilizes rooms so we will be safe. I thank you all.


PS: I hope I only see you socially, just saying thank you

Debt-Burdened Taxi Drivers:

I wish that all New York City yellow cab drivers and all other taxi driver’s involved in the taxi Medallions / Scam gets there share of any pie in the sky rescue plan, and not just the top 10% of the “Heavy Hitters.” All should get equal share rewarded per medallions they own or owe on to local lenders with that debt bring grandfathered in to a O debt factor for the driver.

$500M Rescue Plan Considered For Debt-Burdened Taxi Drivers

Let’s all pray for all, & drivers~

Well I was thinking if any other taxi cab drivers, for hire, uber, lyft or independent contractor ever wished that they would get: L & I, Labor & Industry, Health insurance for yourself, children,wife or partner, paid vacation,beanies retirement like people get when they work for a company. Yes or No?

What are you going to do when you get hurt and you will,What are you going to do about your family when they get sick? Are you going to take them or yourself to you primary doctor.This would be the (ER) Emergency Room of the nearest hospital and the taxpayers pay your bill. Am I right or wrong? What are you going to do when you get older like 70 and you go in to get you (SSI) Social Security and you have not paid in or owe for child support or student loans? Am I right or wrong?

Am I right or am I wrong?
You can change your job,You can change your life ‘You can get stress free. All you have to do is make some phone calls to companies that pay an hourly wage and benefits, change your life style and start looking for driving jobs near you in your hometown.

To all I say I share your anxiety, fear,pain and suffering. Because if the Corona-19 virus the entire world is upside down.

Because of my site I see manute tiny piece of foreign, 3rd world countries, and the world’s suffering beyond my wildest thoughts, trust me I feel you loss, pain, and grief for your loved ones

Just me many bears ago

Sparky Waid – Taxi Driver

posted on  by ken fujimoto


Sparky Waid is a modern day hero in Seattle.  I hope you folks like it and share some of his stories with your friends. I would really like to hear your experiences too. I’ve met Sparky and he’s good man, a gentleman, street smart, and brings America hope when we know that Seattle has a dark side that we tend to ignore and not discuss at the dinner table. He knows exactly what’s going on.  Whether you listen to a politician, a cop, news reporter, a criminal, a rich man or poor man -you get could get a more realistic view of the current world from a taxi driver than movies, pundits, and radio stations.

“There are a lot of pleasures in driving a taxi cab , you hustle and make a honest living, you enjoy it, you have a lot friends; drivers that are your friends; you meet their friends and friends that you meet on the street. “

“If you are a taxi driver during the night, you know who doesn’t belong on the streets when you’re working, you must know how to look at a person and tell if they are dangerous.  When to walk away and not pick them up.  Whether you are off duty or not, you should let your friends know why they should not pick them up. There are lots of reasons. Some times people don’t want to pay Sparky, knowing that they won’t call the police, leave the meter running till a report is filled out and then they get a ticket for defrauding a cab driver, and let them walk in the rain. Word spreads fast in the street, there are more taxi drivers out here than the bad guys, and they know some real bad guys. Thank god there aren’t too many problems, and they don’t like to be reminded, but they are always alert to the dangers of passion: hate, love, and the rush that they thrive on.

Sparky Waid

As Sparky recalled, “It was almost 5:00 a.m. when I was down by the marina, I had just dropped off a fisherman, there was light rain, a wet an dreary night and I was leaving the parking lot when I saw the three of them. I pulled over to the curb, and asked are you ok, she could only shake her head, “no”. I got out, opened the back door, she let her two kids in and she buckled them up, I opened the front door. She got in the front seat, I pulled her seat belt out for her as she snapped it into place, I got into the drivers seat and rolled ahead four blocks, so I didn’t get in to the bad family situation where I picked her up at. Just a minute I said as I pushed the trunk button, I need to get a book out of my trunk. When I returned I had my bible and three teddy bears, it seams like I need more and more teddy bears in these last few these days.”


“I asked her to please give the kids a bear and for her to keep one for her self, as I looked the number up I needed. I again ask her how can I help you? Do you want me to call the police? “No”, she said and I made the call, and moved up the street. I told her where I was going to take her, only less than five minutes ahead and at that point a woman, would take care of her and they would call the police if she needed to file any complaints, however she and the kids would be fed, and have a warm safe house to sleep in tonight.  As I pulled up people were already waiting outside for her and the two children, there was no luggage, there seldom is, just what they’re wearing.  As I stopped and opened the doors for them, the two kids jumped out and both together said, thank you taxi man for the bears, I said you are welcome, as the mom got out, with tears in her eyes, she could only give me a big hug, and a brief smile, as she and her bear got out of my cab and into the arms of waiting for love and help.”

“I pulled away, smiled, and some one else flagged me down, amazing how life goes on and on. I must remember to go by tomorrow and pick up some more bears for my bear bag I keep in the trunk with my phone address book of people I need to call for help, the bible; every driver has one or should.  There is more to life than a 911 call or getting hung up with the police.  In my world I feel that most of the drivers are real people and have compassion for people like you. And for any other drivers, you have done the same thing, many times, a phone call, a free ride, five bucks, helping people, we just never talk about it, its our thing to do, to help street people, all people.”

Check out his book on Amazon.

Walking thru the valley of death~

People have to told me “well anyone can drive a taxi you just drive around” and pick up people and take them to the store, an appointment or home from a bar, that don’t take any educationwell that is true sort of:

However when more than one person gets involved, things change rapidly! Let me give you a few examples of my nights from hell in 25 years, I mean that’s what everyone wants to hear right? How I as a taxi driver got my butt kicked, beat up and robbed, never happened, just close~

There was 365 days of hell to make a living on the streets and I maximized every night, and every person that I saw on the street or they worked the streets themselves in a well, different job skill as a ATM machine, The people on the street that I see, most fares or citizens don’t see till they themselves get hurt, I never ever got my ass kicked but very close and yes I lost, perhaps one or two trips from fares or people that didn’t pay only because sometimes and you need to just stop take a deep breath, take two steps slowly backwack word, put your hands on your chest and walk away.

So it’s 3:00 AM bars are closed, street are empty except for the homeless, hookers, pimps backed into the alleys doing there thing, druggies running around higher than a kite charging out into the street chasing cars like a lost dog, it raining and cold and than it happened: I put my cab in gear and headed down the street to a native american that needed to get back to the reservation, My self I was all over it $20.00 bucks, a tip, he had a case of beer under arm and was smashed, I got out of my cab he muttered a name of a housing project and off I go. I should have went hone right there and then, not me I am taxi cab driver, right~

So I get into the trailer park circle of homes, of about 20 of course, his home was the end one, low lite. very dim, but I was in luck I could see the steps leading up 4 steps to the porch and front door. Well he mutter his wife has the money, crap I forget in my hast to even get a fare at this late to, say, yes I will take you home, “Show me the money” these four words are very important of our fare’s. as it is our bread and butter!

I watched him walk up the bottom step with the beer towards the front door, I glanced down for the heater know and to tun my 2 way radio down so I didn’t disturbed any of the neighbors asleep at 4:00 am. AsI looked at the empty porch and the front door my on reaction to any thing was good job Sparky you got your fare home safe and sound, as the hair on the back of my neck started to stand up.

I should have left right then and there took my loss and drove back to town, but the next thing I did got me into a little problem, at a dead end street, on a reservation at 4:00 am I did this man a favor and he is not going to rip me off, wrong, 2nd mistake of the night and it esulates fast from here. So I take my long 4 cell flashlight, my car keys, now I am starting to be a smart cabbie, and I go up those 4 steps, bang on the front door to tell his wife she owes me cab fare for her husband and that she is going to pay me, wrong

One of the biggest men I have seen in my town answered the front door and he was not happy and not scared of any thing or person and he was way totally pissed to the max, so I backed up told him some one I dropped off and that my taxi cab was right there, had walked up his steps and I thought that he went inside, however he made have went around to the back of the trailer, He said that it was full of blackberry bushes at that time and no one could et out that way. In the still of the night, I heard the sirens a coming, I am thing put some smoke in the chimney let’s go, I may need you soon. So we go to the end of the house and on the old car hood was a cold case of beer and blackberry bushes and a body laying on the ground of which the huge homeowner picked up with one hand and me well I went into my OTG mood, as I was cuffed till tribal police could sort it all out.

All was good as tribal told me the rules & regulations on the reservation and that I had no rights, as gave me $7:00 cash all he had on him and the beer, whispered very loud in my ears as they uncuffed me not to come back tonight on there reservation. All was good I was happy as I drove away, as I opened one of my free beers”~ And you have a great night now you hear! Cheers Sparky.

My taxi cab coat

Statue of a steel horse with lots of pictures they are hard to spot ridden by a mighty warrior with full head dress Amazing

Getting home safely after hours~

All people at times, more than others, drink to much liquor, When we think of getting drunk, there is a huge spread to someone having just one drink and feeling the effects and others seem unaffected to the fact that they have sat in a bar all night long and drank,

If your using taxi drivers, Uber, Lyft, craigslist and for hire in today’s world, be very careful when you call for your ride to leave your home for any reason.

Make sure you at least look up no matter which one you are using, you do a search on them for your knowledge.

When you go out at night go with a friend, stay together have fun to and from anywhere, The most important thing you want to do is take a picture of the licence plate and vehicle that you get into, send that to a friend and let them know when you get home safe.

Tuesday photo challenge – transport — myguiltypleasures

Transport… I collect taxi signs … so I have quite a few on file, here is some of them. “Life is like riding in a taxi. Whether you are going anywhere or not, the meter keeps ticking.” John C. Maxwell

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Transport

Thank you for sharing your passion and art, taxi signs, very kool

Hiking Whatcom County Trails

Yesterday, I hiked around Bellingham in Whatcom County (Washington State) for years. I wrote about this my previous post, which you should read! But, I want to add some info about a wonderful book that helped me navigate the trails.

Hiking Whatcom County, by Ken Wilcox

The book is very helpful with many trails, helpful easy-to understand information. There was some inside I did not know about, and I have been hiking here for over 35 years. So, imagine my surprise. So, I highly recommend the book.


Hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail

So I wanted to conquer Blanchard mountain, by doing all (4) four sides of the mountain. My first hike was up and drop down into Big Rock Trail and Pine lake. What a beautiful hike that was. This was on the North West side of the mountain.


Hiking meant a lot to me last year at 243 pounds. I was tired and out of shape sitting around complaining about what to do as I had pain. So I did what Forest Gump would have done I went for a walk. Not a long walk, around 4 blocks that was all I could do at the time. My physical therapist from St Joseph Hospital Rehabilitation, after 18 weeks said walk, walk, & walk more, so I did all summer every day. By the end of the summer 2019 I had walked a lot if it was raining I did the mall thing. When I walked my back felt better, I also changed my diet to a Mediterranean intake and out with the old & in with the new me 2020 at 199 lbs.



So for myself to stay in shape and out of pain as much as I could yes I had been walking a lot even with numbness in my legs and tingling, I feel better now except the horrible leg cramps wake me up every night. So like a boxer I needed to step up my game plan a notch, so yes you guessed it I went for a longer and harder walk, to get ready for this summer hikes. I decided that I would walk the (P.N.T.) Pacific Northwest Trail. No not the full 1,200 miles, me I stumbled alone very slow and yes hours later, I did make it to the top to the overview parking lot. The road to get to the trail is very dangerous for parking. I drove from Bellingham, Washington down southbound on Chuckanut drive towards Skagit valley. Right after you pass Larrabee park watch your mile marker and the line of cars parked on the (right) West side of the road at mile post 11. The trail head is on the East side of the road and marked. Do not park on or over the white fog line, you will be towed Cheers Sparky

The question is in the ending. How did I get back to my car?


It is your life, move on

What you need to do is:

I know that after 25 years of driving a Yellow Tax Cab it does get slow out there. Here is a tip from me at yellowcabtips.com. Relax, all will work out, you know it will. About 750,000 for hire apps drivers in the U.S.A., want to be taxi drivers need to move along. Let your new car get repossessed and get a real job. Your family needs you now, go get a job. What the hell you going to do when you get old and no benefits. You will be in the exactly same boat as you are now.

You need to pay into society and relax. Get a job that pays into your SSI, W2 taxes, 401 K, paid vocations, pension plan, medical and dental insurance, maternity, retirement and others perks. Go do some of your hobbies. Go get a job or better yet get two jobs. It is a good time to leave, most likely you were almost ready yesterday.

Well perhaps you just were not happy there driving anyway and thats not the problem which is, not driving, sitting in the queue or Walmart parking lot, waiting, its like being in prison and just thinking about all the negative things, walk away. Be proud when you go to work and get your cash flow back online, in your old, new car.